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"Some customers more likely to remember the auditor as
Cooper and Associates."

"No surprises other than the size of the savings. Cooper & Associates is a pleasure to work with, thorough and very professional."

Dennis Hamsher
Sr. Analyst
IM Telecom Projects
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital

"I cannot say enough about this group. They came on site for about 4 days. The audit saved us about $60k a year. At the end of the audit, they provided a comprehensive worksheet of all active lines, locations and numbers. It was well worth it."

Peter Ritz
Time Warner
Binghamton, NY

"Cooper & Associates went far beyond the basics of saving us money. By recommending a variety of lower cost technologies, alternative service providers, and demonstrating valuable, in-depth telephony knowledge, Cooper & Associates has become an Integral extension of Sonitrol's support team."

Diane Schwarz
VP of Information Systems
Sonitrol Corporation

"Cooper & Associates audited over 200 of our restaurants across the country with very minimal disruption and not only provided significant savings for us, but managed the entire project with technical know-how and courteous, professional service throughout the process and beyond."

Cindy Wessels
Telecommunication Coordinator
Landry�s Restaurants

"I used Cooper & Associates at a previous company and they did such a good job that I hired them again. They exceeded my expectations on the new audit and discovered billing errors that we would not have found otherwise. These billing errors resulted in large refunds. They cut through the mass of telecom accounts that we deal with on a monthly basis, sorted out the information into a useable form and found many services that we were no longer using. The documentation they provided has become a tool that we use on a daily basis. Thanks to their professionalism and experience, the audit was conducted with little or no disruption of our day to day operations. I highly recommend Cooper & Associates to any IT or Telecom Manager who wants a clear picture of his telecom budget and network."

Charles Cordaro
IT Operations
Kirby Corporation

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Tomball, TX 77377
713-896-8896 or 800-324-6060
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